Shanxi Normal University has three campuses in the city of Linfen.  The main campus is located at 1 Gongyuan Street.  The campus houses the majority of the university's colleges including the sciences, foreign language and education.   The bulk of the university students are on the main campus, including graduate students.Second Campus

There are in excess of 1,700 faculty.  The school holds ten slots for foreign teachers.

The Second Campus is located in the eastern part of Linfen, about 20 minutes by taxi or bus from the main campus.  The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is located on the second campus.  Students are housed there as well as attend classes there.  The campus is approximately 1/3 size of the main campus.

Above: Some classes are conducted at the Second Campus.  It is a short taxi or bus ride from the first campus.

BELOW: You will seldom if ever have need to go to the Third Campus, but this is to let you know what it looks like.

Third CampusTheThird Campus is located outside the main city area, going east, about 30 minutes by bus or taxi.  The College of Sports and Physical Education is located on this campus.  Students take classes and are housed on campus as well.  The campus is only slightly larger than the second campus.