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Prospective Student Questions?

Are you a prospective, new or current undergraduate student? If you have a question about Shanxi Normal University Foreign Affairs Office is the best place to look for an answer.

Prospective Teacher Questions?

Are you a prospective teacher?  Come join the faculty of Shanxi Normal University.  You can contact the Foreign Affairs Office about openings.  You can send your resumes/CV/copies of certifications to Mr. Li Fei, along with any additional relevant information for consideration.

General Inquiries

The general mailing address below should be accompanied by additional information, such as a faculty or department name, or an individual's name.

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Shanxi Normal University 
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中国 山西, 临汾
贡院街一号 041004


Tel: 011-86-357-205-1084 (from outside China)
FAX: 011-86-357-2051083 (from outside China)
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SXNU Public Affairs
Liu Yaning, Director
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Shanxi Normal University
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