Come to Shanxi Province, the origin of Chinese Culture

    Shanxi Normal University keeps 10 positions open for foreign teachers. Email us today to get started.  Positions open up in the Spring and the Fall.Foreign Teachers, single or married couples are welcome.

Shanxi Normal University /

Linfen City, Shanxi, China


  • 22-60 years old
  • Native English or Japanese Speaker
  • 4-year University/College degree or higher
  • TEFL,TESL or TESOL certificates are desired; otherwise two years teaching experinece in lieu of a certificate will suffice.
Conditions of Employment
  • 1 year contracts
  • RMB 5,000 per month (more for additional classes; different if through a contracting organization)
  • You will work 16 hours per week for the
    base salary
  • Free fully furnished single accommodation apartment (equipped with TV, small kitchen, washer)
  • Two Bedroom accommodations available for married couples
  • Free, round trip ticket for 1 year contract (reimbursement upon completion of contract)
  • Annual travel allowance of 3,000 RMB
  • Insurance: Major medical and accidnetal injury insurance will be purshesed by the department. For clarification ask the office for specifics. Minor medical problems are covered under the universities staff/faculty plan.

The office can apply for a work permit in China for you!  Contact us today.  We will tell you just what you need to do.